Phil Lewis presented a program entitled, “Treat Your Customer Like a Guest in Your Home.” He had hoped to show a video, but time was too short, so he involved club members. He asked volunteers to name their best and worst examples of business service.

For the best, Ron Stevens talked about The Home Depot, Marty Herder about his dentist and Roger Morsch about a momand-pop restaurant. For the worst, Jim Patmos told us about a bank, Tim Schauermann about a hotel and Richard Malcolm about a restaurant.

Marty’s and Tim’s experiences were voted tops by club members and they received a small prize.

Phil cited an experience at Kai Restaurant at Wild Horse Pass as one of the best he has ever had. “It’s expensive,” he said, “but the service was outstanding.” There also was comparison between The Home Depot and Lowe’s in terms of customer service.Phil noted five components that make up good service. 1) The welcome/greeting; 2) accepting customers as friends and talking to them; 3) accepting the needs of guests and going above and beyond expectations; 4) the follow-up including thanking them for coming; and 5) inviting them to come back.

Phil hopes he will be able to show the video at a later date