Before After
When Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston, TX area in 2017, it became a call to action for the Chandler Horizon Rotary Club in Chandler, AZ. They were joined by The Woodlands Rotary Club in The Woodlands, TX to search for a deserving recipient to provide a complete rehabilitation of a home destroyed by the hurricane. Terrie Stelter, a veteran with a 3 year old daughter and a handicapped mother, was selected.
Rotarians Douglas Gardner from Chandler Horizon Rotary and Amy Hinchman from The Woodlands Rotary spearheaded the project, which included fundraising and organizing the physical help.  Five Rotarians from Arizona traveled to Texas with a trailer load of tools to be joined by 10 Rotarians and friends from Texas to provide the necessary skills and labor to rehab Terrie’s home. The Rotarians from Arizona included Roger Morsch, Bruce Dransfeldt, James Caskey, Jerry Turner and Douglas Gardner. Fellow Rotarians from The Woodlands Rotary included Sharon Conway, David Zimmerman, David Ross, Judy Olson, Denton Florian, Bill Leigh, Theresa Wagaman and Amy Hinchman. They were joined by other friends and family members including Tim Hinchman, John Rudd and George Pitra.
The project raised over $43,000 from the Chandler Horizon Rotary, the Tempe South Rotary, The Woodlands Rotary, and the Lake Travis Rotary.
After all the fundraising and organizing was complete, the Arizona Team headed to Texas where they were joined by the Texas volunteers. The construction began January 12 and was completed January 22, 2018.  The tools and equipment for the project were provided and transported by Douglas Gardner from Chandler Arizona.
The work done on the home consisted of the following:
          Over 900  volunteer hours
          20 trips to the Home Depot
          2100 SF of flooring
          Painted over 4000 SF of walls and ceilings
          Painted and installed over 800 LF of floor base and door trim
          Installed 13 doors, 2 toilets, 2 bathroom sinks, kitchen cabinets,
          Kitchen sink, stove, microwave, 5 canister lights, outside siding,
          Built interior wall
          Refurbished the etched glass front door
 And, killed about 7 dozen donuts and lots of pizza at noon!
Amy Hinchman worked many hours after the major rehabilitation was complete to detail the house so Terrie’s family could comfortably move in.  She also headed a drive to provide furniture and household items to make the house a home.
This cooperative effort between the Chandler Horizon Rotary Club and The Woodlands Rotary Club is a living example of “Service Above Self” and the power of an “idea” being carried out and successfully implemented.