Doug Gardner and Larry Gardner forked over checks for The Rotary Foundation, paying off their bet with Steve Hewitt and Tim Schauermann when Oregon defeated Kansas State in the Fiesta Bowl. Tim paid for a trip to Oregon to be with the grandkids, and Steve paid $2 for a trip to California and Las Vegas.

Steve Hewitt and Jerry Turner conducted a Club Assembly, kicking off the next segment of our 20th annual Hole-in-One Contest.Jerry reported we are doing well with sponsorships, although we always can use more. Keep pursuing potential sponsors. They provide the cash we need to be able to give back to the community. The money earned from shots pretty much covers our expenses, but our real money moving forward comes from sponsors.

 also urged everyone to continue to work on getting daily prizes. Those related to golf are particularly popular with our participants. We need to have these in by February 6.