Posted by Stuart Preston on Apr 23, 2013
Golf Committee co-chairs Steve Hewitt (above, right) and Jerry Turner (left), along with Jim Hoenig, conducted a Club Assembly. The subject was our 20th annual Hole-in-One Contest.
Jim presented a financial statement from this year’s event. He also offered comparisons with other most recent years, as well as others which were some of our better years in terms of sponsorships and shots. He noted that sponsorships were up, expenses were down from a year ago and, despite the fact shots were way down, we were able to net a little more than in 2012.

We had only 110 semifinal qualifying shots (compared with 233 in 2012), yet we had 13 holes-in-one, the same as last year. It was also the fifth year of our 20 that we had 13 holes-in-one in qualifying.

He talked about participation. We had only 10 shifts filled by Interact members, and 245 by club members, plus their spouses, children and significant others.