Mike Sims presented a program on Orbital Sciences. He was introduced by Chuy Ortiz. The program was arranged by Pat Willigrod.

Mike showed a video that displayed many of the projects and different rockets with which Orbital is involved. They have developed the Pegasus, Minotaur and, most recently, the Antares rockets.

It has been 30 years since Orbital bought out Space Data. Orbital has grown from 30 people then to 1,650 in their Chandler and Gilbert locations, and 3,800 nationally.

Most of their employees are engineers and scientists. Their work is divided almost equally among launch vehicles, satellite and space systems, and advanced space programs.

They serve civil, commercial and government clients. They are involved with science and technology, human space flight and exploration systems, and space technical services.Orbital has conduced more than 750 space missions since 1982. They have 80 satellites in current operation.

They operate from launch facilities in Vandenburg, California; Wallops Island, Virginia; and Kodiak, Alaska. With use of the L1011 aircraft, they can launch from anywhere in the world.